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Pharox Affiliate Program

Are you excited about the benefits of eco-friendly, energy efficient and sustainable LED technology? Do you have a website or a blog visited by people who might be interested in this technology in general and Pharox LED lighting products in particular? Now you can share your ethusiasm with your visitors and get paid for it!

The Pharox Affiliate Program allows you to earn up to 8% commission from qualifying sales when you refer customers to our website. As an affiliate, you?ll have access to exclusive banners, text links, promotions, and content to place on your website or blog.

The Pharox Affiliate Program is administered through the Google Affiliate Network (GAN).. If you are already a Google Affiliate Network publisher, you can join our program anytime by finding us through GAN interface or through the link below. If you are not a GAN publisher yet, you will need to join Google Affiliate Network first - it's quick and easy and completely free!

Click here to sign up using Google Affiliate Network >>

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